Thursday, May 13, 2010

Walgreens RRs CAN be used at the Commissary

The following message was sent to me by My Price is Right, Thank You! I have not tried it at my commissary yet (I have no catalinas right now), but if you do, let us know how it went! Please read her note at the bottom! This could lead to even better savings!

Walgreens RRs CAN be used at the Commissary
Actually, ANY Catalina that does not state "ONLY at [Store]"

Dear Ms. Traci *****,

Thank you for bringing the coupons from Walgreens to our attention. I am pleased to say that the information you received from [Head of Customer Service for DECA] is correct. The coupons you presented to us CAN be used at the commissary. We can accept manufacturer coupons, however the coupon cannot state that it has limited use in a certain store. For example, the coupons that you gave us stated "redeemable at Walgreens", these coupons will be accepted because it does not state that it is ONLY redeemable at Walgreens.
Thank you again for making this a learning experience for all of us here at Fort Carson. We appreciate your patience for allowing us to look further into the situation.

[Assistant Customer Service Manager]
Ft. Carson Commissary

Note:I suggest speaking with your Commissary's Customer Service Manager prior to expecting RRs/CATs to be accepted (since most stores simply do not know the policy) so that they may confirm with Ms. Danna Eldgridge, head of Customer Service for DECA.

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Kimmie said...

Wow. Thanks. I would be too scared to try it at my commissary. They won't even take internet printables that are more than the amount of the product.

My Military Mommy said...

It will be interesting to hear what happens at other commissaries :) I wish they would all get together and iron out the fine details and make sure every employee knew all stores, not just the commissary. I love the commissary, it's usually easier to get a response from them about concerns/questions. If you want, e-mail me where you shop and I'll inquire about the internet printable situation :)

Wicked said...

Awesome info.. I went today with this letter in hand and a Catalina coupon from Harris teeter. I spoke with first lady and she quickly referred me another worker who stated NO we can't take this, this is a Harris Teeter coupon and I said no it's not it's a manufacturer coupon! and I can redeem it at Harris Teeter, not that I had to. so We argued a second. And she states I'm just following orders. I said I want to talk to someone else because you guys don't know your coupon policy and she called the floor manager over and she started to say about the same thing as second one, but in a nicer way.. So I said so what do I have to do contact Donna Elg**** the customer service rep? because you guys don't know your coupon policy and she said hold on I will find out and she started making calls.. She walked out the store and returned about 10 to 15 minutes later saying.. YES we do take these coupons and then told the 2nd lady they do too. that this policy just came in to effect last monday.. It was so sweet to win this war.. haha



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