Monday, May 31, 2010

Register Rewards at the Commissary?

Awhile ago, I ran a post that stated a commissary employee had told another blogger that they could use Walgreen's Register Rewards at the commissary. There was some confusion and the commissary has now released a new statement in their June newsletter, that YES they will take Walgreen's Register Rewards, but NO they will not participate in Walgreen's Register Rewards Program (not sure why they stated that, I guess some were confused and thought they would get back register rewards at the commissary??). They WILL accept coupons with the Walgreen's Register Rewards logo, Target, Kroger, or others logos, as long as it is a Manufacturer coupon and does not state that it may ONLY be used at that store.

For more information on the Commissary Coupon Policy check out this post and the Commissary Coupon Policy.

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My Price Is Right said...

I'm confused. This quote is taken from the June 2010 Commissary Connection:

"However, we do accept manufacturer
coupons that have a Walgreens' Register Rewards logo on them, as long as the coupon verbiage does not limit redemption solely to Walgreens."

My Military Mommy said...

You're right...that's where I got this information from...maybe I'm reading it differently, I was taking it to mean that they will not accept the register rewards from stores (like $5 off $25 purchase), but will accept "manufacture coupons with the logo" that print off. What do you think? I think I need specific pictures of what they will and will not accept...ha,ha :)

My Military Mommy said...

I edited the post to more accurately tell what they are saying...thanks for the comment

My Price Is Right said...

All Walgreens RRs are indeed "Manufacturer Coupons" as stated on the RR. I have another e-mail in to the Head of DECA Customer Service to clarify.

There is our last correspondense:

"I have provided guidance on accepting manufacturer
coupons that may have another retailer's logo/advertising on it, such as Walgreens' Register Rewards logo. They understand that as long as it states Manufacturer Coupon and does not have any verbiage limiting redemption solely to the retailer advertised, they can accept it."

TeriJ said...

I am totally confused. I don't do a lot of Walgreens shopping because I thought I could only use RR there. So does this mean that when I do a WalGreens deal and get say a $3 RR back I can use the RR like cash at the commissary like I would at Walgreens? This would be great but is totally confusing me. Or is it say that I can use walgreens coupons there. Sorry if I am consusing you it is late and I am tired.

My Military Mommy said...

I agree with you Terri, it is very confusing and like I said before, I think I need a visual of they will and will not accept :) From what My Price is Right received from her inquiry, the Commissary WILL accept Register Rewards (like the $5 off) because it is a manufacture coupon and does not say "only" redeemable at Walgreens. I do have the newsletter from June stating this policy if you would like for me to forward it to you to take in with you. I do not currently have any Register Rewards to take in to try out. Hope this helps, I wish they would say plainly - "Yes, we accept the Walgreen Register Rewards and all our cashiers know it!" ha,ha

TeriJ said...

I would love a copy of that newsletter forwarded to me. I am going to call my commissary and ask about this or maybe email them if I can find their email addy then I would have something to print out. I am using my google account to post this but I'm not sure if my email addy shows to you. If you could send it to mysteri67 at gmail dot com I would appreciate it. That is the one I use for couponing.


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